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It has been a very challenging period for all of us and I hope this finds you healthy and positive. The good news is that concerts are starting again slowly, even if in different formats. Upcoming concerts include the Concertgebouw Sunday Morning concert on 13 December 2020 with my great colleagues Olivier Patay and Martijn Willers (and it looks like it's going to be great fun).


Programmavoorstellen 21/22

De programmavoorstellen voor het seizoen 21/22 van het duo Joris van den Berg -  Martijn Willers, samen met klarinettist Olivier Patey en violiste Sylvia Huang, zijn nu te vinden onder het kopje download.


Bach Suites at the Bachdag Amersfoort

On the 8th of October Joris will be back at the Bachdag Amersfoort to perform Bach's 3rd and 5th Suites for Cello solo. For more information check out the


Joris and Martijn to stand in at Kasteel Rijckholt

Joris and pianist Martijn Willers will stand in for a concert at Kasteel Rijckholt on 8 October. The programme will include the last two Beethoven Sonatas and Schumanns Fantastiestücke.